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The Emerald Nightmare
Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption
Elerethe Renferal
Dragons of Nightmare
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Trial of Valor

1/7 Shannox

Laeleiweyn a posted Sep 16, 16
Tanks:  Fuzzybunny and Nóhope
Healers: Arïsha, Ponder and Tolazytoheal
DPS: Laeleiweyn, Patrician, Shadowalker, Simelda and Swaty

Good job. :D

Shhh! Quiet.... BONG!!!!!

Mari a posted Sep 16, 16

After figuring out that the blind drake basicly does more dmg on HC, we ended up killing him after just spending one evening on him.

Tank: Niffty
DPS: Lae, Sim, Ponder, Allu, Shadow and Swaty
Healers: Miss, Chøsen and Mari

GJ everyone. 

Marianis Great job guys!
Hoofboy GG guys.
Velocitas Very well done guys. You seem to blast through these bosses like if they were innocent grasshoppers!

Saviours of Azeroth!

Missjustice a posted Sep 16, 16
Last night we finally finished Dragonsoul HC with an excellent one shot on madness hc! 
Well done guys, awesome job! Thanks to the ones that had to sit out and the ones that couldn't come on the kill, for all contributing to tactics, work and such. 

The first [Life-binder's handmaiden] mount went to Lael, as she has been the biggest contribute to our raidgroup through dragonsoul. Big grats to her! 

Tanks: Niffty, Vukotich

Healers: Dorable, Marilill, Missangel

DPS: Laeleiweyn, Ponder, Shadowalker, Silvain, Simelda

Video of the kill:    

Velocitas I really began to think you guys won't be doing it before MoP, so this is just awesome news! Congratz on your great...
Radar Fantastic job, well done!
27.12.2011 our own santa claus came to visit us in RnR! 
He wanted to give our GM a gift, for being the best GM we could possibly ever get! 
Thanks Lael for staying with us and keeping our guild together! We are really grateful and we all appreciate your hard work! 

Laeleiweyn a http://laeleiweyn.blogspot.com/2011/12/happy-new-year.html
Laeleiweyn a I almost cried... Thanks a lot minions, it means a lot.

5/7 Alysrazor

Laeleiweyn a posted Sep 16, 16
Sunday night, gooood raid. :) But this fight is sooo looooong! We also oneshot Baleroc! Good job my sweeties. ;-)

Tanks:  Fuzzybunny and Hópegiver (aka Nóhope)
Healers: Bakil, Missangel and Tolazytoheal
DPS: Laeleiweyn, Marilill, Ponder, Simelda and Swaty

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